KeKi’s Children’s Rights Database presents legal instruments, Flemish research projects and publications about children’s rights. You can consult the Database in Dutch or in English.

KeKi also has a library with a wide range of specialised literature on children, childhood and human rights, as well as some standard references on qualitative and quantitative research methodology. Would you like to consult our library? Please make an appointment first.

Legal instruments

The legal instruments database contains legal instruments and important policy documents about children’s rights on a Flemish, federal (Belgian), regional (e.g. European Union) and international (e.g. United Nations) level.


The publications database contains academic output on children’s rights published in Flemish, Belgian or international journals or books.

Flemish research

The Flemish research database contains current and recently finished (since 2005) research on children’s rights carried out at Flemish academic institutions.


The database is updated yearly. Please let us know when you find a research project, publication or legal instrument that is not yet included in the database!