Core documents KeKi

2015 Routledge International Handbook of Children's Rights Studies

Vandenhole, W., Desmet, E., Reynaert, D. & Lembrechts, S. (eds.) (2015). Routledge International Handbook of Children's Rights Studies, New York: Routledge.

  • This handbook offers an engaging overview of the contemporary research landscape for those people in the theory and practice of children’s rights. The volume offers a multidisciplinary approach to children’s rights, as well as key thematic issues in children’s rights at the intersection of global and local concerns. The 23 chapters have been written by renowned scholars and researchers and come together to provide a critical guide to the challenges and dilemmas currently facing children’s rights.

2012 Vision statement

This ‘vision statement’ on children’s rights reflects the vision of the Children’s Rights Knowledge Centre (KeKi), and serves as the basis for KeKi’s internal priorities as well as for the interaction with external actors from research, policy and practice. It was generated from a broader ‘reflection text’ on children’s rights, which is availble only in Dutch.