Research on Stage

With Research on Stage (RoSt), KeKi contributes to the disclosure of ongoing and recently finalised research about children’s rights. Once a year, we give the floor to one or more researchers to present their work for a diverse audience. Using a methodology that is adapted to the project put on stage, the results and their relevance for policy and practice are analysed and shared. As such, RoSt contributes to the translation of theoretical, mostly academic research to the day-to-day working environment of children’s rights professionals.

Youthcare and juvenile justice - 2015

Six researchers from three universities put their research on stage. They discussed different problems or debates in the field of youth care and juvenile justice. Their recommendations were targeted at the gouvernement and the practice. We debated about 6 different topics in working groups:

  • How can we hear the children and youngsters in juvenile court?
  • How can we adapt our social practice to fundamental rights?
  • How do we handle personal files, now and in the future?
  • Do we have to separate the approaches towards children with a problematic situation in their home from those who commited a criminal act?
  • Does our current practice of judging young people in front of an adult criminal court correspond with children's rights?

The event took place in Brussels on October 8th, 2015. All background materials (abstracts of the researchs, the reports of the debating groups and the analysis) can be consulted on our Flemish page

Suicide among children and adolescents - 2014

The first Research on Stage presented a project on suicide among children and adolescents, prepared by the Unit for Suicide Research of Ghent University, and commissioned by the Flemish Child Helpline ‘Awel’. The event took place in Brussels on October 9th, 2014. All background materials (including the research report, the presentations, records of the different roundtables and an umbrella summary report) can be consulted on our Flemish webpage. The RoSt photo album is accessible via the KeKi facebook page.