On demand

Your organization has a substantive question about children's rights which requires a short study of the available (academic) resources? Are you looking for support in how you can promote and integrate children's rights within your own field of work? Do you wonder what the difference between a child's perspective and a child rights perspective could mean for your organisation? Would your organisation benefit from support in the development of a children's rights focus in your policy?

You can invoke KeKi's expertise for consultancy, short studies, advice or training on children's rights, personalized and tailored to your organization. Below you can find some examples of completed or ongoing projects.


  • 2016 (finished) - The association of the Flemish youth services asked to give a presentation about the best interests of the child, during their two-day training. We integrated the theoretical approach into the practice of the youth service employees.
  • 2015 (finished) - The teacher Training of HoGent and Unicef try to integrate the children's rights education and development education in the training of teachers in the 
  • 2015 (finished) - The Confidential Centres of Child Abuse and Neglect (VK) asked KeKi to map and research the added value of a children's rights perspective for the VK's internal policy. The results will be presented on on April 28th.
  • 2015 (finished) - The international summer school HR4DEV on human rights, development and transitional justice was held in Leuven from August 16th until September 11th, 2015. The course organisers invoke the expertise KeKi developed in organising and preparing such events over the years.
  • 2011 (finished) - KeKi hosted a delegation from the Russian State Humanitarian University for a coaching consult in the context of the development of a children’s rights course for regional ombudspersons for children. 


  • 2015 (finished) - UNICEF
  • 2012 (finished) - The Dutch clinic ECORYS, commissioned by the European Commission (DG Justice), started an inventory of data on missing children in all European countries. KeKi was asked to act as a ‘country expert’ on the Belgian situation. In the first phase of the project, the mapping, KeKi conducted in-depth interviews with experts to determine about which topics relevant data could be obtained in Belgium. The report is available on the website of the European Commission.

Policy support

  • 2013 (finished) - The Urban Policy Team of the Agency for Domestic Government requested KeKi's advice on conducting a perception study regarding a child focus in the City Monitor. The background study (in Dutch) deals with (1) the participation of children and young people in research, (2) a list of issues to be addressed in the study, and (3) a number of additional methodological suggestions that may serve as inspiration for the collection of data in the perception study.
  • 2013 (ongoing) - KeKi developed a training about the child and youth impact assessment (JoKER) for the children’s rights focal points in the Flemish government.