We are looking for research on the impact of corona on children and youth

Can you help us? 

The Children’s Rights Knowledge Centre (KeKi) and the Youth Research Platform (JOP) collect and analyse a wide range of information on the impact of corona(measures) on children and youth on behalf of the Flemish Department of Culture, Youth and Media.

What information are we looking for?

•    Type of research
Scientific or academic research, but also surveys or polls by (civil society) actors. The chosen research methodologies can be diverse: literature study, surveys, data analysis … In fact anything can be interesting for the collection and analysis!
•    Target group
Research that focuses on baby’s, children, adolescents, adults (0-25 years old) with or without a focus on different target groups (migration background, with a disability, youth care …). 
•    Content
Research – in the broad sense of the word – that focusses on the impact of corona(measures) on children and youth, regardless of the context in which the research is done (school, youth work, social media …) or the theme of the research (poverty, diversity …). 
•    Where
Research with a local, regional, national or international scope is interesting. All input is interesting. The final research report will zoom in on the Flemish context.
•    Timeframe
Completed and ongoing research as of March 2020. 

Have you conducted or are you currently working on a research or survey on this topic since March 2020? Then be sure to fill in the form. It only takes 5 minutes.

Share interesting research

Do you know about research or data collection? Please let us know by sending an e-mail to rozelien.vanerdeghem@keki.be.

Let people know

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Curious about what happened previously? 

What is the impact of corona(measures) on the lives of children and youth? This question prompted local, regional and (inter)national actors to start up various researches and surveys. In 2021, KeKi published an overview of existing research in Flanders and Brussels (Dutch). In 2021, JOP also conducted research into the well-being of children in COVID times (Dutch). Research on the impact of corona(measures) remains relevant. After all, the impact can be felt for a long time in various aspects of the lives of children and young people. In addition, much new research has been conducted since the review publication of KeKi.