Getuigenissen van stagiairs

"Van de KeKi-databank aanvullen en nakijken tot het aanwezig zijn op studiedagen tot het zelfstandig uitvoeren van focusgesprekken voor projecten. Alles komt aan bod tijdens een stage bij KeKi en die verscheidenheid aan taken, gecombineerd met een leuke groep collega’s, maakt het een heel toffe en leerrijke stage."

- Nina Claes, 3e bachelor Rechtspraktijk UCLL, 4 maart tot 31 mei 2019 - 


- Laurence, 3e bachelor Criminologische Wetenschappen, 11 februari tot 11 mei 2019 -

Wat heeft KeKi voor jou veranderd?

"De tiental weken stage bij het Kenniscentrum Kinderrechten hebben mij doen inzien dat kinderrechten vervat zitten in een alledaagse context. Voor de stage aanving stond ik weinig tot nooit stil bij de rechten die kinderen hebben en de mate waarin wij, als volwassenen, hieraan kunnen bijdragen. Voortaan zal ik voor elke kwestie waar kinderen bij betrokken zijn of zouden moeten zijn, stilstaan bij welke rechten zij hebben en hoe deze beste gewaarborgd kunnen worden."


"I interned at KeKi during an entire summer, from June to August 2017. Having worked on Human Rights projects before but not being familiar with Children’s Rights in particular, my work at the organisation first required some adaption, a time during which I could count on my colleagues to guide me through the legal instruments, the methods of research and the ongoing projects. The size of the organisation and the flexibility of people working there enabled a real collaboration and the possibility to find projects which both fitted my skills and were of interest for KeKi. The fact that interns become a real part of the team and contribute to the actual work of the organisation (no “coffee machine” internship) was what I appreciated most at KeKi.


I would recommend an internship at KeKi not only to those who already have experience in Children’s Rights, but also for anyone who wishes to get into the field. Different backgrounds and approaches are valuable, and the team at KeKi is more than ready to accommodate for these interdisciplinary approaches. Not speaking Dutch prevented me from taking part in some meetings, but was never a barrier to my work there. Last but not least, the people at KeKi always made me feel welcome, both at work and outside (to discover Ghent, which by the way is a great city!)." Marion Jabot, Paris / Berlin, stagiair bij KeKi van juni tot augustus 2017.



"The internship at KeKi was a great opportunity for me. My three-month stay was well organised (all necessary documents were always on time, I knew my tasks before joining them, evaluation and other reports were obtained without any problem). I could always count on my co-workers. As to the work itself, I was first puzzled with different working methods than in my home country, Poland, but thanks to my colleagues I quickly adapted. Tasks that were given to me were tailored to my knowledge and skills and I was given a lot of freedom in completing them. I could always count on the help of other KeKi members if I was stuck with some project. When there was opportunity, I was attending different conferences and working group meetings as a delegation, so my stay had something more than research character. It was very intensive three months and it did not end there - I'm still pursuing some projects I started back then and I'm in touch with people I met during my stay. I definitely recommend KeKi as a place for internship ... and they have great cakes!"

Jakub Dysarz, Gdansk, stagiair bij KeKi van februari tot mei 2014.